Researching what is needed to win at SEO, this is difficult as there is a lot of content good and not so good available online telling you how to get your website ranking high on Google. My advice is once you get the basics done, focus on these three areas and over time your site will dominate Google search.


1. Think like Google to succeed

Marketing 101 is all about customer personas and understanding the mind of the buyer. With SEO, if you can understand how Google operates, it will provide great advantage over your competitors.

Taking a step back, ask yourself what is Googles’ business model and why do they bother creating complicated algorithms and updates such as Possum and Panda. This is because Google makes most of its money from advertising. Companies and digital agencies like ourselves spend small fortunes to have ads appear in the top 3 positions of search results. We would not be paying Google if 1000’s and millions each year if people did not arrive on Googles’ one and only page per country domain.

Google needs these millions of people every day to use their search engine to find stuff, solve their problems and search for local businesses so companies like ours will pay to advertise on the page. With this in mind, Google’s customers are not businesses but the general public who search.

For those people to return, Google needs to ensure they consistently:

  • Generate quality search results
  • Aim for completed sales journeys – no back button which is why bounce rate is so important
  • Understand that the website sells exactly what you promote
  • Need the website to provide a quality UX (user experience)

If your website helps Google does above through white hat procedures, they will reward you with great search results and more organic traffic.

2. Always about the customer…Stupid

Building your website for your target customer might sound obvious but often this is never the case. I recommend you create customer personas and list what they need from your website to help them both realise quickly that they are on the correct website, what will solve their problem and how they can move within the site to complete the call to action.

Remember not to try to go after everyone as keeping your website niche means Google will find it easier for their Google bots to understand what keyword searches your site will deliver on answers.

Tips on designing your UI for better SEO:

  • Decision making built into UI (User Interface) flow
  • Set tone quickly to reinforce visitors they are on the correct site
  • Solve their problems
  • Show proof
  • Clear call to action


Website UX for 2018 and beyond

  • Position Zero

As well as the top 10 organic listings on Google, they now have a “Position Zero”. This is the snippet where they show a piece of the answer saving you click into the page. We have been testing this over the last 4 months and will write a blog post of this in the coming weeks. (We aim to get our clients listed here first!). To achieve this it is all about structure within your content and visitor interaction.

  • Voice search

Many of you will now have Google Home or Alexa in your home, (depending on your security fears but that discussion is for another day), and have fallen in love with how easy it is to play your music, set timers, find recipes and easily know what the weather is or when your local leisure centre is open. The latter when tested shows how effective and potential these chat bots have to add value to your life when it comes to search. If you can master getting listed here, you will have no competition as unlike search result where there is a top 10, voice provides one result!!

  • Brand

Brand building helps filter the noise from valuable content. Build your brand within your SEO strategy and you will see your ranking and organic traffic increase.

3. Consistency is key

As the saying goes, “its not what you do occasionally but what you do consistently“. Google has realised if you value your customer, you will over time get links back to your site. Update your content to add value and update features to suit new devices that customers use to visit your website. If you treat your SEO strategy in the same way, rather than spend one month building 100 links, 10 good quality links each month provides better results over time.


To conclude…

By sticking to those 3 tips, you will add value to your brand which by the way is the next yard stick Google uses within its algorithm to measure sites and reward them with higher listing. I would love to hear your views on this posts and your tips to dominate at SEO.