Website Layout and Design

Is your site designed to appeal to your target market?  Is it easy to nagivate?  Does it meet the 3 click rule: First click – home page; Second click  – Service/product page; Third click  – Call to action

Prompt a “Call to Action” response


Internet Marketing consultation


Create “call to action” buttons or incentives.   Add call to action buttons which invite the user to respond, such as Buy Me, Contact Now, Request CallBack. Put the buttons on your header and under key areas of marketing content.  If you have content about a free trial offer, add “Try Now” button or add incentives, such as “Contact today for your free 30 minute consultation/20% discount  or Sign up to our newsletter and receive 10% discount on your next order.

Add Case studies and testimonials

 This is a great company because they achieved the following for me!

Not everyone wants to believe your marketing blurb so let them hear it from your customers instead.  Get real testimonials from clients and add case studies showing examples of your success.

Share your expertise

Use your pages or your blog to discuss the main problems which your clients face and offer them some pointers which will help them – and a “call to action” link, of course!

Share material

If you sell products or provide information that can be sharable on social media , offer product spec downloads, or white papers .  When people click to download, you can request their email address, and with their permission use it for your email marketing database. Downloads create interaction and build loyalty and trust.

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