Clear your head

First step

is to clear your head of all the jargon, and go back to basics when creating your webpage content. Ask your self two simple questions.

  1. What is the viewer who is looking for my product/service/information want?
  2. Does the webpage they find provide all that information?

An added tip would be to email all your customers and potential customers with a simple questionnaire where they tell you exactly what they want from your website!

Create webpages separately

By asking those two questions , you will discover what your individual webpages should be. If you sell services, try to create webpages for each service providing all the information the website visitor needs to make a decision. Include all keywords (you still need to think about these!) that will help search engines place your website into the hands of the internet visitor.

Focused keywords

Take a little time to research all keywords while focusing on the individual pages. Use tools to help you pick the correct keywords for the different markets where you do business. Use resources such as Google webmaster tool to pick your keywords and Google alerts for ideas on relevant content. By researching your keywords, use them for paragraph headers (Google likes good clean layout) to help the webpage reader to guide their way around your webpage providing information that will fulfil all their needs and the two questions above will provide all your answers.

Research done, now what i do?

Now get started and write down the content for each webpage using the keywords and the information your customers provided.  Always keep your mind focused on creating content that is high quality and focused. Each page should be interesting to the reader, clear word content (copy) .

House keeping

Like cleaning your house, tidy your webpages by indexing all your pages and add titles and meta descriptions that match the content of the individual page. This allows the Google spiders to find you easily and to make it all work well, link each page to the rest of your website so Google and your visitor can find all the content they need from the about you page right up to the contact page! Once done get a sitemap created which places all the links in a easily read format.

Tell the world

Now its all done, tell the worlds about your website by using social media like Digg, Facebook, Stumbleupon  and Twitter to link your site content. Send out monthly/quarterly newsletters, type up blogs and guest blog.  Syndicate press releases when you have real news to tell.

Remember by designing your website around what your readers and search engines needs, Your new website viewer is happy, Google, Yahoo & Bing and happy, making you happy with all the website traffic your site is generating.

Best of luck with your website on making it work for your business. For any more information, please feel free to email me directly at or visit

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Denis Finnegan is marketing consultant and always focused on increasing sales and profile.