Deep Data Analysis – Your Competitive Edge


Data mining and reporting


Your marketing data should inspire your business to reach even greater heights.

As your Analytics team, we help you create a data-driven environment that will unlock the 3 areas that fuel growth:

  • Increasing Brand/Product Reach & Awareness
  • Improving Client Engagement & Loyalty
  • Maximising Leads, Sales & Revenue


By mapping data tracking onto your sales & marketing goals, collecting metrics from across your channels and campaigns, and running deep data analysis, we answer questions like:


  • How can I get the best ROI from my ad campaigns?
  • What can we do to improve our customer’s digital experience?
  • Which kind of content and PR activities improve brand reach the most?
  • What is the best combination of marketing channels?



Services Catalogue;

Measurement Strategy  We’ll map out how tracking works across all your marketing channels and campaigns. We’ll also identify your Key Metrics and Customer Personas, and pick the right technology stack for your needs.

Setup & Customisation – You’ll soon need to start collecting the data points that matter. This will include a basic set up and further customisation as required.


Basic Setup



  • Audit – We’ll inspect your current setup and fix whichever aspects of your implementation need to be tuned-up.
  • Universal Analytics – The latest tracking technology from Google, allowing for easier tracking of users, pageviews and sessions.


Customisation Options

  • Conversion Tracking – Start seeing how many sales, leads, or bookings your website is driving.
  • Campaign Tagging –  Track a specific campaign (for example: a special offer) across PR, social media, email marketing, etc…in one place.
  • Demographics – Get an understanding of your site’s audience’s age, gender, location, and interests.
  • Enhanced eCommerce – Track products, categories, SKUs, shopping cart performance, revenue etc…
  • Event Tracking – Measure the actual actions people are doing on your site, such as ebook downloads, forms filled, videos played, etc…
  • Heatmaps – See how people actually navigate through your site
  • Cross-Domain Tracking – Get the full picture by combining data from across your websites.
  • Advanced Segments – Prepare your data for deep analysis by finding common patterns and grouping them
  • Custom Views & Filters –  Prevent collection of useless or misleading data, such as spam traffic and traffic generated by your employees.
  • SEO & PPC Data – Integration between Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Google Search Console data.
  • Multivariate & Split testing – Measure the performance of the same page with content and design variations.
  • Remarketing Audiences-  Identify which users to re-engage based on their potential to convert.


Monitoring & Reporting –  We ensure that you have full visibility of your marketing metrics, constant access to your data, and regular updates on performance

  • Multi-Channel Dashboards –  View all your data from across web, email, search, social, and advertising in a single place
  • Weekly / Monthly Summary Report – Get a brief snapshot of your performance, focusing on your priorities
  • SEO & Brand Keyword Alerts – Monitor the web and social media to understand how the terms you care about are being used


Deep Data Analysis – The data you collect can be mined further for valuable insights on how your marketing machine can be improved.

  • Cohort analysis – Understand the impact of new products, features, or designs on revenue and user experience.
  • Attribution analysis – Map out the interplay between your various campaigns and how they contribute towards your end goals.
  • Behaviour funnels – Get clarity on how visitors browse your site. Are they finding what they want?
  • Correlation and regression analysis – See if there are patterns of behaviour and performance you can leverage further.
  • Content scoring – Apply an intelligent score to any piece of content depending on how well it performs in search engines and generating leads.
  • Lead scoring – Determine the value & potential of any prospect.
  • Strategic Report  –  Findings from Analytics are packaged as an in-depth look at your digital marketing strategy, including recommendations for the upcoming period. Available quarterly and yearly.


Dynamic Personalisation  –  Intelligently creating multiple versions of your website to better appeal to different audiences.  Surface the most relevant products, offers and content depending on browsing behaviour and interests.

Marketing Automation   –  Remove the manual work required in keeping touch with your customers and increase sales. Create specialised email messaging that is triggered depending on actions taken by your customer.


Product Catalogue;

MuseUnsampler   –  Google Analytics Standard is free but limits the amount of data that you can access, which can lead to decisions based on inaccurate information. The full data is only available in Premium, which costs more than 100K per year. MuseUnsampler is a unique technology built on the Google Analytics platform that enables you to extract all your data into .csv format, ready to be integrated with your business intelligence data, at a fraction of the cost.


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