Below is a article i wrote last July on tips for goldenpages advertising.



• Do research to see if your customers read the Golden pages.
Don’t waste your money if your target market is more computer savvy. Generally the Golden pages book is best for

trade people and if your consumers are 35 years old plus or based in the home. This market won’t have their laptop on and will use the golden pages to find you. In my opinion you should try to make a more targeted golden pages advert and use the savings to also have an online presence.

• Make the advert stand out.
Once your market opens the golden pages, you want them to firstly glance at your advert. Our research shows that a white background with plenty of space works best.

• Show them the benefits rather than features.
Know your customers and what they want. In my opinion, give them 5 reasons why they should call you. This will answer their questions and show them the benefits you will provide. Features only drown out the advert. Chanced are if you sell furniture, they will already know you sell chairs, couches, tables etc.

• Testimonials
Add credibility to your advert by adding testimonials. This will give them more confidence in contacting you.

• Tell them what to do next.
Consumers usually spend only 5 seconds looking for a business so make it easy for them and tell them to phone you, visit you or contact us today and quote golden pages for 5% discount.