One new industry that has been created within the marketing landscape is companies who specialise in SEO Search Engine Optimization. This is a process which allows you to be sure your website is designed to be positively recognised by search engines.It can be a labour intensive exercise depending on the web presence your industry is in.
For example SEO for printers takes more time than an electrician’s website as most printers will have an online presence already.The following steps are used to optimise your website for search engines.Meta tags. These are the words in the coding section of the website. While Meta tags are becoming less important and even Google has admitted that they don’t use this form for SEO any more (see video link).
It is still important to have some in place. Keep metatag keywords and description short using a flow of keywords that your customers look for. E.g. “Joes’ bicycle store supplies all ranges of bikes and accessories to outdoor enthusiasts within the Cork area.
Website content:It is important to get the copy of your website right and to contently update it. It needs to be clear and use the keywords in an unassuming manner which relates to the page it is on. A good idea is have a blog page which is regularly updated. This keeps the content fresh and optimises the use of contemporary keywords.Links: Link building is key to SEO success. It shows the search engines that your website is important by your URL appearing on other sites. You need to upload it to directories that relate only to your industry as well as uploading it to Google maps and social media pages you may have such as twitter Linkedin and Facebook.Review; 
Once the above is completed, your search engine presence must be reviewed and new keywords researched. “Owen Loughrey of added that “Reviewing my SEO saved hundreds of euro of our Google ad words budget and now sees us in the top 5 of page one of Google and Yahoo” On a final note, remember, people searching for keywords relating to your product or service are in a position to either buy or be placed on your marketing database, so it is of upmost importance then that they click on your website and not your competition.
Best of luck with your SEO and marketing.