A/B Testing

A simple controlled experiment used in market research to improve the effectiveness of a final marketing strategy. The controlled experiment has two variants, A and B, which are referred to as the control and the treatment.

Account Manager       

The person in any company who is responsible for selling or promoting the services that particular company has on offer.


A text-based advertisement service that is provided by Google.com.


An advertisement that has the appearance of a news article or editorial piece.


A website that drives traffic to another site in return for a percentage of sales.

A Priori                                                                                        

A marketing approach where a theoretical outline is developed before the research is conducted.



Refers to the online community of blogs, along with everything else that is related to them.


Where product information is communicated and spread by customers, it’s often called “word of mouth” marketing.


Call to action (CTA)

The segment of a marketing message that is there to persuade a person to perform a sought after or intended action.

Conversion rate

Conversion rate is measured by the number of potential visitors performing the desired action of a particular web page, whether it be buying a product or filling out a form etc.

Customer acquisition cost

Refers to the cost that is associated with convincing a customer to buy a product or service. This cost includes the cost of the actual product itself as well as market research and accessibility costs. 


Data Capture

Used when the contact details of customers and potential customers are captured. Other details like location and what products/services they are interested in may also be taken.

Direct Response

Where customers are permitted or requested to directly respond to an advertiser in order to avail of a promotion.


Eye Tracking

A research method that is widely used to track customers eye movement patterns, the results will determine what part of an advertisement gets the most attention.



Refers to the amount of exposure a target market gets to a specific marketing message, or how many times someone actually buys a product.


Google Instant

A feature of Googles search engine that displays popular search results while the user is still typing their query.


Inbound Marketing

A widely used marketing model whereby the sales performance of a product solely depends on the initiative of its client base to find and purchase that product.


People who have the power to influence the buying habits of other people.


Keyword Marketing

Refers to the act of effectively researching and marketing specific keywords and phrases in order to get a particular message across to users.


Lifestyle Segmentation

When customers are segregated into various groups, what group they are placed into is often based on their hobbies, interests and other aspects of their lifestyles.


A piece of content that is created with its main purpose being to attract inbound links.

Local Rate

An advertising rate that is given to a local advertiser by local media or publications.


Marketing Metrics

Various measurements that help with the assessment of marketing performance.


Organic Search

Unpaid entries in a search engine results page that were found based on their contents relevance to the keyword query.


Test Market

The term used when a new product or service is offered to a small scale market in order to test its success rate.

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