Your Mobile Search Ads Will Soon Feature A Click-to-Call Option Automatically

Detailed Reporting

With this new feature you will get detailed reporting insights about your calls performance which will include, duration, start time, end time and caller area code. It will also be able to report if the call was connected or not. You can also set up call conversion tracking to help you get an idea of what parts of your campaigns are driving the most valuable calls for your business.

What if I don’t want calls?

If it is a case where you don’t want calls from your mobile search ads, you can indicate this in your extensions tab before the 06 of February. Complete the following steps to opt out of this extension.

  • Select “View” automated extensions report
  • Scroll down to “automated extension options (advanced)” and click on “Edit
  • Untick the option for “automatic call extensions” under “Do not use specific automated extensions in this account”.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about this change please get in touch here and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have.