How you should always approach planning your digital strategy

With lots of articles about digital marketing tools and platforms, it can be very confusing for businesses wishing to delve into this so called dark magic (words my clients have used in the past).

Digital strategies should be welcomed and a key part of your overall business plan if you wish to survive the next 20 years so it is important to demystify the confusion.


Its always about the money

What is the real reason you are in business? Taking away all the hoo-ha, people generally are in business to make money and more importantly to generate profits.


Become successful at providing what the people want

The only way to make money and be a success is to provide a service or product people are willing to hand over their hard earned cash for.


Quickest way to generating more profit

With more and more people connecting to each other on-line, this is where people now hang out which is why you need to build an on-line presence with authority to showcase your products and services to your target market in an informative and helpful manner.


How a digital strategy can help you get there quicker

Once you understand the above points, what a digital strategy does is provides a clear roadmap so you do not get lost or waste time on marketing and business activities that do not meet your objectives.


Tell us your experience

I love to hear your thoughts on this subject and please feel free to comment on your experiences, good and bad related to creating digital strategies or working with agencies.