Yes is the simple answer. Facebook is surpassing Google as the most viewed website and  according to Google’s webmaster , Matt Cutts, Social media marketing allows companies to interact with web audiences and in turn increases SEO ranking of your website.

However while I would advise that you put time into planning your social media I strongly recommend not to waste time implementing it. Social Media is a tool and should only be used as such. The majority of your time and of your staff should still be used in productivity work that earns you money but if implemented successfully, Social Media can drive traffic to sales.

I have outlined some points to consider when setting up Social Media

  •;”>What do you want from SM? sales, customer interaction, views to main site, all of above
  •;”>Who is your target audience and what platform(s) should  you use
  •;”>Create a Social media calendar and monitor results
  •;”>Create exclusive offers and content for your Social Media family
  •;”>Whose role is it to implement and manage the SM strategy

Denis Finnegan is Managing Director of Finn Media Ltd