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inbound marketing services

Drive quality visitors to your website

Let our team drive quality traffic  visitors to your website via some of our lead generation services which include SEO (search engine optimisation), Google adwords (PPC) advertising, content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing.

Types of Inbound Marketing

SEO marketing: Get found for search terms using search engine optimisation by new customers at the exact time they’re looking for a product or service that you provide.

Google adwords (PPC) Advertising: Use focused paid  ad campaigns and well designed landing pages to sell high profitable stock or to push different products/services during seasonal times.

Content marketing: By creating customer focused content, visitors who find it will want to share and talk about your content online. This builds your online authority and will help get your business found online by more potential customers.

Social Media: Create content and market it correctly to your social media audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Snapchat. We also offer social media training.

Email Marketing: We can integrate marketing automation into your website which will collect emails and segment these groups. Our team will create focused content to promote your business and products via email campaigns driving new traffic to your landing pages.

Lead Generation Marketing: By reviewing your current website, we can adapt your site to generate quality leads for your business which can be delivered to your inbox and automate some processes such as selling products and downloading industry related information.  This works along side other marketing activities to add value to your campaigns and can collect valuable information (using Analytics) to determine what people are interested in and determine the success of recent campaigns.

What is involved

Market Research: We use marketing tools to research your offering and customers to ensure we create an inbound marketing strategy that delivers results.

Current Online Presence: We review your current online presence and all landing pages working backwards to add marketing automation and improving your call to actions ensuring strong conversion rates to generate new revenue opportunities.

Digital marketing activities: We test all digital marketing activities your audiences use with low budgets and once we ensure they work, increase the campaigns to generate a strong ROI for your organisation.

Review & strategy meetings: Each month we check with your sales team on how the campaigns are doing and each week we have internal meetings to generate the best results for your business going ahead.

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