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With all our clients we focus on getting results.

Initial Meeting

The most important step with any Client is a detailed briefing meeting where we take time to establish a clear understanding of their business, the sector, the key issues and objectives. We then agree the exact scope of the work required.

This initial meeting is on a non commitment basis.

Plan Preparation \ Clarity

After the initial meeting we clarify to ensure all key issues and objectives have been captured accurately and that the scope of the work is correct. In most cases our clients complete our digital marketing questionnaire which is designed to assist us to meet the objectives as outlined.

Plan & Budget Presentation \ Detail

Once the digital marketing plan is drafted and agreed a detailed Activity Plan is written, which outlines in detail the schedule of tasks, the responsibilities and budgets to support this plan.

Plan Approval \ Agreement

The detail in this Plan is reviewed and agreed with the client, including the timing of activities, the responsibilities with modifications as required.

Plan Execution \ Do it!

Once the Plan has been agreed Finn Media will than oversee the execution of it working with the Client every step of the way. Finn Media become a Marketing Partner with the Client but take responsibility for the Plan leaving the Client concentrate on running the business.

Review \ Progress

At regular intervals during the project we review progress with the Client. The objective is to ensure that the digital strategy is being adhered to, that the activities are having the desired results and a check to see if circumstances have changed in any way. The marketplace is dynamic and it is vital that we constantly review so that plans can be flexed accordingly during the course of the project.

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