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For over 12 years we have been helping clients increase their revenue and markets making us one of Ireland’s leading digital marketing agencies.

What is digital marketing?

inbound marketing

Digital marketing is communicating your message to promote your brand, product or service online.

More effective than traditional marketing and can be tracked in real time. Includes various activities including SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Google Adwords), email marketing, content marketing and social media promotion.

Benefits for your business

  • People go online browsing products and services to help them make a decision. With SEO your business will rank on Google ahead of competition and fine tune your targeting to reach your customer (tailored landing pages). Paid advertising campaigns can be focused to showcase your services and products quickly and test your website conversion rates.
  • Building your brand awareness is becoming more important and using a large range of platform can help you achieve the “You seem to be everywhere” result.
  • Having a website is not enough. Having a customer focused website that provides clear content they are looking for is essential to ensure your paid digital marketing activities are effective.
  • With the advance of mobile phones, voice bots such as Alexa and Google Home, people prefer lots of different types of content from videos, voice, motion video and graphics to make a decision. Digital marketing allows you a lot more choice than traditional marketing to make a positive impact.

Digital marketing services we provide our clients.


Digital Strategy

As a fully qualified digital marketing agency and lead generation company we will work with you to deliver a plan focused to deliver results for your business. This will include researching market size, keywords to focus on, customer profiles and search engine marketing activities to trial.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

As a specialist SEO agency, we want to drive quality traffic to your website. This takes longer than adwords but over time it is very cost effective. Our white and gray hat techniques work on high traffic, long tail and local SEO strategies

Conversions & UX (User experience)
SEO is as much about improving conversion rates as it is about keywords. We review data including Google analytics, online sales, enquiries, search console impressions to determine what can be improved. We will redesign your website and adapt your digital marketing activities as part of this work. Focusing on increasing your conversion rates will ensure your marketing costs generate the best ROI.


Google adwords

We are Google Adwords approved agency and can review your existing campaigns to ensure you are not wasting your budget or create new campaigns to generate sales quickly. We are experienced with PPC, Google shopping, display advertising, Remarketing and YouTube marketing.


SalesBoost – Monthly digital marketing service

Our unique monthly service manages your online presence to deliver sale leads while you focus on your core business


Web Brief & Development

Our web brief structure plan & development focuses on developing an online presence that delivers results over your competition.


If you are looking to increase traffic and sales, contact our digital marketing team for a free online audit.

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