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If your target audience is searching for products or services, which you provide, our experienced SEO team can get your website to appear above your competition on the search engine page rankings. This will drive more quality traffic to your site.

Types of Search Engine Optimisation

Local SEO marketing: Get found locally in your area for search terms using local search optimisation by local customers at the exact time they’re looking for a local business.

High traffic SEO: Get found for keywords that generate a lot of quality traffic. Building online authority is important to succeed with this SEO strategy.

Long Tail SEO: Get found for very specific search terms. This helps you get found by people who know exactly what they want. E.g “Heating systems for modern office spaces”

Forensics SEO: Problem solving for websites which are having difficulties getting found by Google even after they have been optimised. Usually work is incorrectly completed and our team finds issues causing indexing problems and fix them.

What is involved

Keyword Research: Using tools such as the Google Keyword tool , we research keywords that your potential customers use to find your industry and review what opportunities are available

Current Online Presence: We review your current online activity and check domains, redirects, H1, all meta data, sitemaps, images and alt tags

Open new markets: With Search Engine Optimisation research we can assist you in your overall strategy to expand into new markets

Website Structure and Architecture: Reviewing your website layout and making it more user friendly will increase conversion rates to deliver more results for your business

Competitive analysis: Research your competitors to ensure we get you ahead of the competition

Building online authority: Basic link building for local search results and create a link strategy for high traffic search terms.

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