As more companies wish to focus their energies on work which generates the best results, I am getting more enquiries on developing detailed digital marketing strategies. After just finished a plan today which took up most of April, I have outlined some of the benefits of this investment.


Benefits of marketing & digital strategy plans


  • Accurate information through researching your company, market and competitors
  • Allows your teams to integrate with all departments to work towards one central goal
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing initiatives by identifying key-performance indicators and establishing benchmarks
  • Plan a digital strategy that fits your industry and business
  • Identifies the needs and wants of your customers including market demands
  • Maximising the full value of your companies website and personnel
  • Provides ownership of the strategy back to the people who will implement the plan
  • Sets a timeline and metrics so everyone in your organisation knows what their role is



Example of some of the contents in a detailed marketing & digital strategy plan.

Marketing Digital Strategy Plan from Finn Media

Digital Marketing Strategy Plan Contents


I would love to hear your suggestions below including your experiences with digital marketing plans and strategies.