Are you struggling to stay ahead of the competition in Google?

In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) it is a constant battle to remain ahead of your competitors. In order to get ahead you must continually monitor your competition and improve your own website. If you are watching your competitor’s edge ahead of you in rankings you may need to consider the following tips.


However it is important to note that there is no magic formula that you can apply overnight to get you ranking higher than your competitors.


Check Out the Competition

Your competitors have the same agenda as you “to be number one”,  if they are ahead of you in rankings it is important to do some research on your competitors, start by visiting their website to see what they are doing different to you. Have a look at their use of keyword optimised headings, title tag structures along with other SEO activity.

Another way to find out what your competition is doing is to set up Google Alerts, these are alerts that are emailed to you when Google finds results such as news articles, blogs and so on. You can set up alerts for the latest trends and topics within your industry and alerts about your competition whether it is their business name the products that they sell etc.

And don`t forget to set up an alert for your own business this way you will know if there is anything good or bad being said about you as well as giving you an idea of who is reading, listening and sharing information about your products and services.

Content is King

These days it is getting harder and harder to get higher rankings in Google without good quality content. Do your research get to know your audience and what they want, who or what influences them? Keyword research is also very important, these are the actual terms that people are entering into the search engines, and this can give you a better insight of what you should be writing about. By doing so this will enable you to execute a strong strategy that will help your content get found by the search terms that you want.

Googles Keyword planner is a great free tool that you can use to check those search terms.

Build Quality Backlinks

Unfortunately having good quality content is not enough to get you soaring ahead of the competition. You have to have quality websites that are relevant to your niche linking to you in order gain higher ranking and improve your domain authority.

How do you get those backlinks? There are number of ways to build backlinks such as write content for your competition, you will find that competitors are accepting guest bloggers on their websites.

Build Google profiles in local listings, Google Business, LinkedIn and so on, a complete profile is much more effective than an incomplete one. All of this will take time but it will be worth in the long run.

Keep Up To Date with SEO News

SEO is constantly changing so it is important that you take some time out each week to read up on the latest SEO news and if there are any changes take action as soon as possible to avoid falling behind in those search engine rankings.

Struggling to Get Those Rankings?

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