Finn Media and Atlantic Digital have joined forces to help Northern Ireland companies beat post-Brexit logistics and marketing headaches.

The Irish tech firms have combined to develop bespoke software and digital marketing packages which minimise disruption for Northern Ireland companies faced with the prospect of entering new markets amid the uncertainty of the Brexit fallout.

The new partnership will allow firms to settle into new markets easily by providing tailored solutions to tackle new challenges including shipping logistics, varying tariffs, legal requirements and language barriers.

Denis Finnegan, of digital marketing company Finn Media, says the partnership with Atlantic Digital can ease many of the boardroom headaches created in Northern Ireland by the need to explore new markets which has been sparked by the UK’s decision to leave the EU.


“Boardroom panic is resulting from Brexit uncertainty and the very real prospect of having to set up operations in new markets is causing major headaches for companies in Northern Ireland.

“Moving operations to other jurisdictions brings a whole range of new challenges for organisations but our new partnership can ensure those challenges are met with minimum disruption.

“Our new partnership is designed to help these companies find their feet with minimum hassle through the provision of tailored software and digital solutions. We’re here to help with the trusted expertise to build the programmes needed by each client.”

Alan Beechinor of Atlantic Digital, says the new partnership, will ensure organisations don’t have to go back to the drawing board as a result of Brexit.

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