Google alerts

 If you sell products or services and wish to respond to articles relating to your industry resulting in more web traffic and sales, let me introduce you to Google alerts if you are not already.

 Google alerts will email you every time a certain topic is mentioned in the World wide wide. If for example you sell shampoo that cures hair loss (not invented yet so don’t get excited) , you may want to inform people who are writing articles/blogs and comments online about losing their hair that their is a solution.


Simply go to Google alerts and enter the phrase “losing hair” with your email and Google will email you when there are new comments written on this subject. Remember don’t use this service to spam with aggressive selling, but instead answer the questions relating to losing hair and leave a link to your webpage that deals specifically with this issue.


You can use this Google alert service to spot when your company is mentioned online or about certain interests you may have. For more details on Google alerts or other ways to increase business email me today or follow me on Facebook for more tips.